Cambridge Family PhotographerThe Ross Family

Cambridge Family Photographer
If you were to look up the word generous in the dictionary, i'm pretty sure you would find a picture of this family!! They have been so sweet to me! They have let me use their property to take pictures so many times and I feel incredibly blessed by them! It was the least I could do to offer them a session as my way of saying thank you! They have 5 beautiful kids and w[...]

The Pines Cambridge Ontario WeddingMatt & Avni

The Pines Cambridge Ontario Wedding
These two have families that love them! That was something very evident to me throughout their wedding day! They had help decorating their ceremony and reception, they had a sister sing and other siblings and cousins help with different parts of the ceremony!  They also got lots of kind words and hugs during their receiving line. Everyone helped and everyone supported[...]

Backyard Tent Wedding, Roseville OntarioWill & Lynsey

Backyard Tent Wedding, Roseville Ontario
Will and Lynsey had a beautiful wedding day! It was raining all morning, but then any time we needed portraits outside, it stopped!! Praise the Lord! It was such a great day! The love these two have for each other, and the love their families and friends had for them made for a super special day! It was also unique because these two had a wood oven pizza lunch! SO FUN[...]